Just over a four hour flight away from England you have one of the No.1 Holiday destination for gay young men. The Island of Gran Canaria. Sun, sea and sexy guyz from all across Europe guaranteed all year round.

TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: There are two main agents who I would recommend, Throb or Respect Holidays. Alternatively you can book direct you can save a lot of money. I got a Britannia flight with  sky deals for only £59.00 and stayed at Villas Blancas Magnolias for € 48.00 per night. (don't forget to get your holiday insurance if you are not covered annually)

NIGHT LIFE:The latest addition to the Island is Detox Retox a unique style bar that is open Tuesday to Sunday 4pm - 1am situated under the Tenesor apartments. A great place to start your evening off before moving onto level 4 men on the 4th floor of the Yumbo Centre. Don't forget to round of your night at Heaven night club another stylish addition to the Gran Canaria. What ever bar or club you choose you will always get a warm and friendly welcome from thee Bar staff.

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Detox Retox - Gran Canaria
Heaven Night Club - Gran Canaria
level 4 Men  - Gran Canaria
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Villas Blancas - Gran Canaria
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